Toolkit Vol 2

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A collection of tutorials, racks, and samples designed to inspire creative workflows and reveal new ways of making music.


3 hours of video explaining how everything in the pack works and then some. Every tutorial explores new ways to improvise and expand on the included content, making it easy to combine, rework, or reimagine all of the provided material:

In depth analysis, reconstruction, and further exploration of all included racks

Experimental drum synthesis using Vital

Deep dive on soundscapes and ambience in music


10 Ableton racks created to find new ways of approaching the software using nothing but built in instruments / effects. Presets are included along with stripped down blank versions for building your own devices:

Audio / Instrument morphs

Dual / Chained Arpeggiators

Fake Sends

Tonal Corpus Bass

Tuned Delays


A variety of synthesized and recorded samples that hopefully inspire some strange / interesting ideas:

54 Drum samples made in Vital

15 Foley Samples [recorded on Tascam DR-40]

10 Digital Soundscapes